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A NFT collection of


Bitcoin vanity addresses.


What is Banity

Enter the world's first NFT sale of Bitcoin vanity addresses. Banity enables the easy trading of superrare and human-readable Bitcoin addresses.

Basically, a Banity is an unlockable NFT of a Bitcoin vanity address with certain starting letters that spell out words. After the leading number “1”, each Banity has at least 8 human-readable letters in its set of alphanumeric characters.

The owner is entitled to redeem the Banity to get access to the private key of the valid Bitcoin address.

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October 27th


November 25th - December 10th


December 15th


February 15th





8-char vanity address



9-char vanity address



10-char vanity address



11-char vanity address



13-char vanity address

Here is an example of a 9-char vanity address, that has the characteristic «banitynft» (= 9 letters) after the leading «1»:


Create your own address

There will be 1001 Banity minted for 0.5 ETH each.

Each Banity NFT is output numerically one after the other, starting with a 9-char vanity address. The less character the vanity you choose, the bigger gets your choice! #1 is the first minted NFT. We will keep searching until Banity #1001 is minted.

The 600 Silver Cards (=8-char prefix) will be available in the pre-sale phase at the lowest possible fixed price. The remaining 401 Banity NFTs will be minted and be available at Public Sale. Gold cards, Black cards, and further card categories that can follow at any time, are not available for own prefixes. Among the collection, there may be superrare vanity addresses with more than 10 characters. If you want to snatch your vanity addresses, do so sooner rather than later.


What is Banity?

Banity is an NFT collection of 1001 Bitcoin vanity addresses. Ownership includes the redemption right of your Banity’s private key. The more Banity NFTs that are redeemed, the scarcer the collection becomes.

What is Bitcoin vanity address?

A Bitcoin Vanity address is a desired Bitcoin address that begins with your own name or with the name of your company. The recognition value can be increased with your own desired Bitcoin address. A Bitcoin Vanity address is suitable for this.

How do I know that a Banity has a pattern in a Bitcoin vanity address?

That's simple! The pattern that can be found in the public address is highlighted in bold in an easily identifiable manner. All public addresses have at least 8 human-readable letters.

How special is my Banity?

In order to own a Bitcoin vanity address with 8 human-readable letters – let’s say the name "elonmusk", someone has to generate 588 private keys before a random chance occurs, which on average starts with “1elonmusk”. The longer the vanity address is, the more difficult it becomes on average to find such address. If you scroll through the gallery, you will find that those with 8 letters are the majority of the 1001 Banitys in total. This is because the difficulty increases exponentially.

Why are there no 7-char or less vanity addresses in the Banity Collection?

What makes the Banity collection so special is that it has 8 and more characters. From this length it is particularly difficult to achieve the desired result. With a little patience, however, the computing power of a normal computer could find a vanity address with up to 7 characters. Therefore, there are no 7-char or less vanity addresses in the Banity collection.

How can I buy a Banity?

Banity will be available for purchase on our website through a presale and later through a public sale on Opensea. During the presale you have the option of creating and buying your own Bitcoin vanity address. After the presale purchase, the Banity collection will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and Opensea account.

Will I be able to trade a Banity?

Yes, Banity is tradable on Opensea. The primary marketplace for Banity is not on Banity’s website. A Banity follows the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain and, as such, can be transferred freely amongst Ethereum wallets. We have no control over users who create markets for Banity on third-party websites.

How to reedem?

Owning a Banity NFT gives you the right to access the private key of the valid bitcoin address. To do this, you will need to redeem your banity nft by clicking on the ‘redeem’ button. The private key can be downloaded from the Banity website. Once the token is redeemed in return for the private key, the token burn event takes place.

How secure is the handling of the private keys?

Banity - brought to you by DECOM Switzerland - has taken all possible security precautions when handling the private keys. However, any banity address should be viewed as a mathematical work of art.